Have questions? Of course you do. We always have questions, and thus we're going to strive to answer them here. 

Tell Me About ...

The Software Stack

As you have no doubt read already our software stack is designed to deliver exceptional results. Let's dig deeper into the stack.

All of our WordPress servers are powered with software from GridPane. This allows us to offer you a hosting experience that is battle tested and will stand up to virtually any hosting challenge. 

Items such as Redis object caching, page caching and two optimized versions of MySQL are included in your hosting package as needed. 

Backup and Restore

Rule number one of backups is that you can never have too many. You are strongly encouraged to have your own backups of your site. You should never rely on your hosting provider as your sole source of backups.

We have several methods by which we backup your website. At the server level we take advantage of nightly full server backups. Then at the Software Stack level we backup your website to a remote destination. There may be other methods by which we backup your site as well.

If a restore is needed, we will use all available resources to restore your website with the latest backup we have available. 


We handle the updates of your WordPress core and plugins for you. This is done in 3 different ways.

1. MainWP
2. Update Safely from GridPane
3. Logging in and doing the updates. 🙂

How the updates are done in your specific case will vary, based on the type of site, and what level of update support you require.

Admin Access

Generally speaking our customers do not retain full administrative privileges to their WordPress website. While this might seem like a limitation, we do this for one very important reason.

In order for us to know what is going on with a website, we need to know everything that happens at the administrative level. This also prevents the random click of a mouse from a well meaning individual to bring down their website, or introduce unknown security vulnerabilites.

You will be able to add and edit content to your website as needed. Your account will be given Editor access which will allow you to have complete control over the content sections of your website.

You will be able to add, edit, publish, and delete any posts on the site, including the ones written by others. You can moderate, edit, and delete comments as well.

You will not be able to change your site settings, install plugins and themes, or add new users. 

The Hardware

Your website will be hosted on a Virtual Machine managed by us. Unless you request otherwise (and you really shouldn't) your WordPress site will be the only one hosted by that server. This is true for your Synchronized Failover server as well, you are the only website hosted on it.

We currently utilize virtual machine solutions from Linode (now Akami), UpCloud and Vultr. 

Synchronized Failover

It's Tuesday afternoon, just after lunch, and a construction crew is working to install some new infrastructure underground. As they dig into the ground they hit a bundle of fiber cables that disrupts traffic for the data center your site is hosted in.

Enter Synchronized Failover. While not a true HA solution, Snapshot Failover™ from GridPane combined with automatic DNS Failover your website remains up and running.

We will host your primary and failover site in different cities with different service providers.


Instead of us putting a long winded explanation of our security features here for you to read, why not just go to the source?

GridPane's suite of security tools will be utilized on your site as well.