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Enterprise WordPress Hosting

Having a WordPress website shouldn't be a burden. This is why we offer a bespoke hosting solution, designed just for you. We handle the server, website, updates, maintenance and worry, you focus on your business.

In addition to world-class WordPress hosting, we offer hyper-local SEO, regular SEO, eCommerce, social media management, and website development services.

You run your business. We'll take care of your website.

Why Choose Us

Done For Your Updates

You shouldn't have to worry if your website is up to date. We'll take care of all the security and plugin updates for you.

Done For You Security

We protect our customers site with Fortress by Snicco. It comes standard with every hosting account.

Synchronized Failover

If the worst happens, and the data center hosting your site goes down, we will fail over to a secondary, up to date version of your website at another location.

Optimized Stack

Built for WordPress, our stack has been designed with performance and security in mind. 

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How we work



The first step is contacting us for a complimentary review of your website and the challenges you currently face.


We Go to Work

After learning about your website and challenges we start to design a package just for you. 



Once you are satisfied with the plan we've assembled for you, we start the work of implementing plan of action.

About Our WordPress Hosting

Optimized Stack

Our software stack is highly optimized for WordPress. We run high performance Nginx servers, which are configured with two extremely performant caching mechanisms.

MySQL for your site will use either MariaDB or Percona. Each of these are highly-performant databases well suited for your needs.


The real gauge of performance extends beyond mere page speed; it lies in the ability to serve pages swiftly, especially when handling a surge of concurrent visitors. Accommodating thousands of users simultaneously demands a robust hosting infrastructure coupled with efficient caching mechanisms. Why invest exorbitantly in servers touted as "managed" by hosting providers when scalability remains a paramount concern?

Fortress Security

Fortress by Snicco is embedded into our platform at the server level. This provides a higher level of protection than other "plugin" based security services. Imagine bringing the same session hijacking and cookie-theft protection that Fortune 500 companies use to your website. That's what we offer. With Two Factor Authentication, to protect logins, and Vaults and Pillars to encrypt data in your WordPress Database, Fortress is among the best solutions on the market today.

Synchronized Failover

With our Synchronized Failover service you no longer have to worry about Data Center or Network Outages affecting your site. 

How does it work? 

It's quite simple, actually. Several times a day we initiate a synchronization of your site to a location running in a different city and a different network provider. When an outage is detected at the primary location, we change the DNS settings to re-route traffic to the alternate location. We purposely keep the Time To Live at a low number so that the transition is quick. Usually within 5 minutes.

This is a great alternative to real time failover, which usually requires thousands of dollars a month in hardware and software to achieve.


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