Why do I need a Terms of Service?

There are two main reasons you should have a Terms of Service (TOS) on your site; answering frequently asked questions and protecting yourself from liability.

Do you sell products? The a TOS can provide information on refunds, order cancellations and returns. This will help answer customer questions and will take them further down the path to actually buying.

Do you have any intellectual property (IP) on your site? You most likely do, and don’t realize it. Items such as your business name and logo are many times considered to be intellectual property. A TOS can help protect your IP.

So you have links to any external sites? This includes any social media site, news site, or just a random site run by a person in Oregon. A TOS can help protect you in case the user gets a virus from that third party website.

Synchronized Group LLC is not a law firm and nothing on this page should be considered legal advice. You should speak to an attorney prior to implementing any policy or privacy solution.

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